The laboratory and maker of RESURS, VMPAUTO is working in accordance with International Standard of Quality ISO 9001:2000

"Future is behind the client-oriented companies", Dr. V. Kuzmin


September the 12, 2008 VMPAUTO successfully passed audit on accordance with International Standard of Quality  ISO 9001:2000.

October the 13, 2008 auditors of the Czech certification agency CQS, which is part of the IQNet International Network, presented to the VMPAUTO company transfer of the following certificates: CQS № 2223/2008 and IQNet, which confirm correspondence of the company quality management towards the International Standard ISO 9001:2000.

We are sure that company success is based on the competent management. Only those companies who have been able to place demand research and maximum complete satisfaction of final customers needs in their activity basement   - remain aswim.

CQS and IQNet certificates confirm correspondence of the management organization level to the strictest ISO requirements.

Obtainment of these certificates is the beginning of the new landmark for our company.
resurs_iso resurs_iso  
CQS and IQNet   certificates transfer to
VMPAUTO Director V. Kuzmin

Head of the new developments laboratory L. Kapralova and Custom Department Head V. Keda with certificates   Representative of the
quality system leadership E. Pendzhiev
iqnet iqnet
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